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Web Design & Development Services

45% of Google searches are for local interests

A website is how people will learn about your business. It is your interface to the world.
An effective website design template is a must to grab your costumers attention. It has to be user and mobile friendly, it has to load fast and create a good user experience, and it has to be correctly optimized.
I will develop and design an inexpensive site for your business.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

55% of all the clicks are on the first 3 Google search results

Your website is great. You’re ready to dominate the competition and see your site actually working for you every hour of the day. But if no one sees it what’s the point?
Now it’s time for a solid optimization if you want to get your business in those all important top 3 spots on Google.
Send me your business details via contact form and I’ll make sure you get my FREE audit report.

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Social Media Marketing Services

75% of US population is present on Social Media platforms

The fastest growing way to get your service or product in front of people is Social Media.
You want to build a Social Media network where you create and deliver content that engages your audience and establishes your brand as a recognized and trusted authority in your industry.
Use my affordable services to build the most powerful social stacks for your business.

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Search Engine Consulting Services

94% of users do not pass the first page in search results

Every business understands the value of a strong online presence. The goal is not just to rank on a fisrt page of Google, but to increase your business’s Return of Investment (ROI) in the short and long-run. Whether your site requires a push in the right direction or a complete rebuild for search optimization rankings, my custom SEO marketing services will boost your business.


that are familiar with the best SEO strategies and trends in your area if you want your website powerful reflects the standard of your business. People will take you seriously, and you'll winning organic clicks.

Benefits of SEO Services

Struggling that visitors don't find your business online? Your website success need a Search Engine Optimization boost.

* IF YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT ON PAGE 1, YOUR WEBSITE WILL FAIL. Stop guesswork and find out what people are really looking for. Do strong keyword research and optimize your website using keywords that show your business intent to your right kind of visitors. 94% of the clicks on Google searches go to page 1.

* INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS PROFITABILITY ONLINE by improving the quantity and quality of visitors traffic. The main goal of SEO is not to get as much of the visitors as possible but to make sure they become costumers.

* IMPROVE THE CONVERSION RATE OF YOUR WEBSITE using the right calls-to-action to attract visitors on your site. Make your website easy and intuitive to navigate through it so the visitors do not get distracted. 1-4% is the conversion rate of visitors into customers on a typical website.

* GOOGLE ON-PAGE AND OFF-PAGE SEO. Some SEO is done outside your website using content from related and authoritative sites. Most of SEO though has to be done within your site. Done well, the results will show from 2 months to 6 months or longer. Getting 1000 high quality visits is better than 5000 low quality visits.

Reliable SEO Consultant

Traian Hustiu

Local SEO Services Provider
I’m not an agency. I’m just a stubborn and passionate guy that does SEO. I taught myself how to do this, and I’m pretty damn good at it too. This website was designed, built, and search engine optimised on a low budget by me alone.
Want me to do kick-ass SEO for you? Get in touch with me!

"You think pennies, Mr. Charles, you get pennies. You think dollars, you get dollars."

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